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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I increment and decrement the online count? 

Click the "+" button to increment, or the "-" button to decrement the count.

How do I reset the online count? 

Click the reset button to set the online counter to zero.

What is a tally count?

A tally count, or "tally", is a running total of things such as people, points, steps, prayers, or any other thing to be counted. A tally count is the calculation of that total.

How to tally?

A tally requires the (usually) one-by-one count of objects within a "tally set". To tally on paper or a chalk board, start by drawing a line for the first tally in the set. Next, for each additional thing you would like to tally, add another line next to the first. When there are 4 vertical lines, the next line is drawn diagonally through these 4. This diagonal line along with the 4 other tally marks represents a tally set of 5 tallied objects. The next tally mark starts a new set of 4 vertical lines followed by a fifth line drawn diagonally through them as before. Continue until you are done with counting.

What is an online counter?

A "Online Counter" is a type of tally counter that is available online. Like a mechanical tally counter, an online counter is a device used to keep a tally or a count. Usually available in a web browser, online counters don't require any downloads or installation and can be run from any device with a web browser. This means that online counters can be accessed from desktop or mobile devices.

Online counters function in a similar way as mechanical tally counters, but they use software, rather than mechanical action, to change the tally on the count display and reset or "zero out" the tally count. Online counters have an advantage over their mechanical counterparts in their ability to rapidly reset the tally to zero, or to adjust the starting tally to a particular point quickly. Some online tally counters also offer the ability to count by intervals, or to perform multiple counts at once.

Why use a tally counter app?

A tally counter app is a software application, rather than a mechanical device, that can be used to keep a tally or count. A tally count app can be installed on a personal computer, built into a web browser, or downloaded to a mobile device as either a stand-alone or online version. A tally counter app often is much cheaper than a mechanical tally counter, and their use can be much faster and more responsive than the mechanical versions.

Tally counter apps are used for a variety of purposes such as to count people, to count industrial steps, to count workouts, to track sporting event scores, to tally scientific data, to report on the number of sales calls, or to count prayers.

What kinds of online counter apps are there?

There are a number of online counter apps available for free or professional paid use. Our free online tally counter app is designed for any kind of counting from 0 to 999 without the need to register for an account. Upgrade to Pro or to the People Counting App in order to do more complex counting tasks, such as negative counts or people and demographic counting. The paid versions are also ad free.

Is the free online counter app for iPhone or Android?

Yes! To install the online counter app on your mobile device, you'll need to select "Add To Homescreen" from your mobile device. The tally counter app will then function like a native app.

Is the tally counter a progressive web application (PWA), and how do I install a PWA?

Yes, the online tally counter is a Progressive Web Application (PWA). Progressive web applications are the next big thing in the mobile app development industry. They are lightweight, load fast, and work well on any device. A progressive web application is an app that you can install to your home screen on Android and iOS devices. It is a hybrid between a native app and a website.
The installation process is very easy:
- Open your browser of choice on your mobile device
- Find the PWA you want to add to your home screen
- Tap the icon at the top left corner of your browser window
- Select "Add to homescreen" from the list of options
- Follow instructions for adding it as an icon on your home screen

Why is an online tally counter better than a mechanical tally counter?

A tally counter is a device used to count the number of items in a set. It is an instrument that can be used to keep track of how many items have been counted, and comes in many forms including mechanical and online version.

Although a mechanical tally counter is a simple, low-cost device that uses no batteries or electricity (because it's mechanical), this may not always be the right choice when it comes to counting. A mechanical tally counter has a lot of disadvantages when compared to an online tally counter. For example, a mechanically tally counter needs maintenance and costs more than an online counter. It also cannot be shared easily, requiring a separate purchase to have two people counting at once. Furthermore, they more often than not can only work in well-lit environments.

An online tally counter, on the other hand, does not need any maintenance and does not cost more than its mechanical counterpart. It can also be shared easily and works in low light as well as well-lit environments.

Can I create multiple online counters?

Yes! To use multiple counters, simply install the online tally counter app on your mobile device homescreen a second time and rename the counter to a name of your choosing.

Is there an offline mode for the online counter where I can tally without the internet? 

Yes! To enable offline mode, you'll just need to install the free tally counter app to your iPhone or Android mobile device by selecting "Add To Home Screen". The count will be saved to your device, and you will be able to use the tally counter offline.

What is a Tasbih (Tasbih) counter?

A Tasbih Counter App is a tally counter used in place of traditional Tasbih beads for counting prayers or Japas. Compared to electronic or mechanical Tasbih counters, a Tasbih counter app allows for convenient prayer counting from your existing device. A Free Online Tasbih Counter online is a very inexpensive and easy way to keep track of your prayers.

What is an attendance counter?

Attendance tracker apps are a great way to keep track of student attendance and monitor their progress. An attendance counter online makes it easy to count how many people or pupils have shown up at your event or classroom. If a student leaves, just decrement the counter by clicking the minus button.

What is a people counter?

A people counter is a tool used to tally persons or foot-traffic at or in a given location. People counters differ from standard tally counters in that they are specifically designed to count humans, rather than objects. People counters may include features to make such counting of persons more efficient and informative. The People Counter App features the ability to separately tally males and females in one place.

Does the people counter app comply with fire-code regulations for crowd managers?

Our tally counters and the People Counter App are designed for professional crowd managers in accordance with, and in support of, the requirements established by the International Association of Fire Marshals.

What are capacity or occupancy regulations?

Capacity regulations are a set of rules that dictate the maximum number of people allowed in a given area. These regulations are put into place to ensure that buildings are safe for occupancy, and they also serve as an indicator of fire-code compliance.

What is a clicker counter?

A clicker counter is a device that counts the number of times someone presses a button. A clicker counter can be used to count numerous things. It can be used to count the number of people in a room, how many times someone has done an industrial step, how many reps they have done on a machine or how many activities they have completed.

What is a tally tracker?

A tally tracker is a simple application that can be used to count and track the number of items in a given set. For example, if you are counting the number of apples in your basket, you would enter the number 1 for each apple. If you are counting the number of stars in the sky, you would enter 1 for each star. Then, when you want to see how many apples or stars there are total, all you have to do is look at your tally tracker!

What is a handheld tally counter?

A handheld tally counter is a device that counts the number of items. They are usually mechanical or digital, available online, or integrated with other applications.  Handheld tally counters are a type of tally counter that is designed to be portable. They are often used in business settings where there is a need for instant, manual, and accurate counting of items. Mechanical versions have the advantage of not requiring a power source like a battery or wall plug, and can operate offline.

Do I need a Tally Counter?

A tally counter is not always necessary, but it can be useful in some situations. For example, if you are counting people who enter a store, you would need to know how many people are inside the store at any given time. If you are counting reps for an exercise routine, you would want to know how many reps have been completed so far and how many more there are until the routine is complete.

A tally counter can be helpful in the following ways:-It helps you to keep track of your workout reps and other repetitions.
-It can help you to understand how many calories you burn while working out.
-It helps you to measure your progress over time.
-It can help you keep track of your progress when doing burpees or other complex exercises that require coordination and movement patterns.

How can a free tally counter be used for commercial applications?

It's not necessary to purchase expensive counters to augment your counting strategy. Using online free tally counting solutions can be a good fit for commercial use-cases. Instead of making an expensive new purchase, or maintaining an inventory of clicker counters, consider leveraging the devices that you and your employees already own and use to double as a tally counter.

Installing the free online tally counter to your device is as easy as opening the webpage. Sharing the online counter with others makes it easy for them to get up and running with their respective counting tasks. But, the main advantage of utilizing the free online tally counter solution is that it's 100% free for your business to use.

If you're looking for an ad-free version or you need advanced features, you can choose to upgrade to a paid account.

Is internet access required to use an online tally counter?

It depends. Yes, internet access is required to initially load any online tally counter, but our solution does not require internet access to continue using the counter for your tally needs. Just install the counter to your mobile device by adding it to your device home screen, and the application will run when you're offline.

What are tally counters used for in industry and machine tracking?

Industrial counting is an essential part of manufacturing. It's used to keep track of products in the production process and to ensure that the appropriate number of products are being produced for a desired volume. Industrial counting machines and equipment can count things by steps or weight, depending on the type needed for a particular application. Machines can also be adapted to use with different types of materials, such as metal, glass, paper, and plastic.

What is an industrial counting machine?

Industrial counting machines are used to count and sort items that come in batches. They are typically used in industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food processing, waste management, and many more. There are two types of industrial counting equipment: the automatic counter and the manual counter.

Automatic counting machines use sensors to count items coming off an assembly line, whereas manual counters leverage humans to perform the counting. Our free tally counter can be used as a manual counter for industrial counting.

How are online tally counters used to count industrial operations or goals?

Counting industrial steps can be a tedious job. Tally counters have helped to make this much easier. Decide what you would like to count, for instance how many people walk past your storefront each day. Next, set up a staff member to be the tally counter at the spot where you want to count the number of pedestrians. The person will click the button on their device whenever they see someone walk past or once they reach a designated counting point.

How can I share this webpage for the online tally counter?

In order to share a webpage, you can copy the URL of the page and paste it into an email or text message. If you're using a smartphone, you can also tap on the share button and select one of these options.

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